Be part of the solution to reclaim our health and that of our fauna and our flora.

This site focuses on recipes but for us Paleo is a lifestyle: the way we as individuals and as a community live and  treat our planet earth – our bodies, our fauna and flora, our land and oceans.



The name Paleo comes from the term “paleolithic”, or “old stone age” period, which ended around 10,000 years ago in some parts of the world. It´s sometimes called the caveman diet because, in general terms, the idea is to eat a diet that resembles the diet of our ancestors.

One of the reasons why some people disagree with the Paleo approach is because our bodies or the food we eat is not the same as those of our ancestors. Yes, it´s not exactly the same. However, the Paleo principles still apply.

The point of Paleo is to learn from Paleolithic diets, isolate the parts that made them healthier, and imitate them with modern foods in the areas that matter.

paleo recipe central fresh and tastyPaleo is about eating the right food, whole and nutrient-dense, just as our ancestors did. And it´s also about avoiding processed and refined foods that cause digestive, inflammatory and other sorts of problems.

A recent RAND study found that 60 percent of adults in the US now live with at least one chronic condition; 42 percent have more than one. And this trend continues to go up.

There is no question in our mind that when we again start to properly feed our body, and we relieve it from having to deal with so many added chemicals and toxins, it should heal and thrive…and get back to its ideal weight 🙂

Does the old saying “we are what we eat” ring a bell? Well, it is a scientifically proven fact that the food we eat gives our bodies the “information” and materials they need to function properly. If we don’t get the right information, our metabolic processes suffer and our health declines.

Unfortunately, we believe much of what we eat today is actually giving our bodies the wrong information. Much of our food is devoid of nutrients and filled with empty calories (and unpronounceable chemicals, and pesticides, and hormones, and fungicides, and toxins, and GMO´s, and preservatives, and additives, and artificial flavors and colors, and well…whatever it takes to make it more appealing, long lasting and cost-efficient for many producers).

But, in all honesty we believe we, the consumers, have become lazy and complacent. Do we know what´s in a can of something? Do we even bother to read the ingredients? Do we know what stuff we are dumping into our bodies? “Food for thought”…pun intended.

In Paleo we focus on nutrient-dense whole foods. We eat a vast variety of quality meats and organs, seafood, eggs, healthy oils, vegetables (except potatoes), fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds and probiotic/fermented foods. We avoid processed/refined foods, dairy, grains or pseudo grains, beans/legumes, sugar or artificial sweeteners and unhealthy oils.

Our advice is that you give this Paleo approach a try and see for yourself if it fits you. For some people (even those like me with a so-called autoimmune disorder) it works great! Others may need to avoid other foods. Listen to your body.

What “shade” of Paleo is the one in this site?  We are not in the extremes. We believe in balance.

If you believe that this is the right option for you, welcome!

For a VERY detailed list of the foods we include and not include in Paleo you can CLICK HERE.

Let´s go back to basics!


First the “What” and the “How”

WHAT: In Paleo we do eat meat and other parts of animals.

HOW: We advocate treating animals with respect.

We believe that many of our animals are on earth to help us feed. Meat contains the essential amino acids and definitely ranks as one of the best sources of protein.

However, we strongly disagree with many of the current (extremely inhumane) practices to raise them and slaughter them.

If animals feed us, we owe them fair and respectful treatment. Thus, we are in favor of consuming meat from those places where animals are raised humanely (in open natural spaces, with plenty of good food, and few, if any drugs given to them), and slaughtered without stress and pain.

The food we choose has a direct effect on how farm animals live.

I recognize that consumers have real power and I believe the way we shop can change farming methods for the better, including animal welfare.

Philip Lymbery

CEO, Compassion in World Farming


Go back to basics

1 – Start eating whole, nutrient-dense foods.

2 – Stop eating CRAP – Meaning….

C – Chemicals

R – Refined

A – Artificial

P – Processed

3 – Appreciate and treat our fauna and our flora with RESPECT.


We are doing our best to research and find the products and places that align with the Paleo lifestyle and with our philosophy.

You can find these in our RESOURCES Section.

We believe that the more demand we create for products from responsible and respectful producers, the more we will ALL benefit.

If you see a problem with any of our suggestions or you have found a better option, please let us know! lu@paleorecipecentral.com

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”


. . .

paleo recipe central lu mendozaI am Lu Mendoza. I was an executive most of my life (not the typical mom in the kitchen), until a few years ago when I was diagnosed with “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis”, a so-called autoimmune disorder. What? Do you mean that my own immune system is attacking my thyroid? Being the information hound that I am, at that point I began a journey of research and experimentation to find the root causes of my condition.

Needless to say, I found that nutrition is at the core of this and many other diseases. Thus, I started to dedicate a lot of time to choose the right foods, to learn to cook nutritious meals and to enjoy my healing journey.

Some people follow the more strict AIP Paleo (autoimmune protocol), which eliminates more food groups. In my case the traditional Paleo style has been the perfect approach and my lab markers have continued to improved steadily.

I am now retired, I own three dogs, and I enjoy my home, my research and my kitchen!


I am not a healthcare professional, nor do I have any medical training. Everything I write on this blog is based on my personal experience or on the many learnings I acquire from respectful sources. I technically don’t recommend anything, please make sure to do your own research and talk to your healthcare provider.

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